Friday, November 25, 2011

Many people have asked me, where do you get your news? I always tell them "Everywhere!" That seems a little non-descript in hind sight so as a challenge to myself, I am going to share with you the sources that I look at and at times my opinion of them. All the links are to stories that I have read. Many times while reading one story, I find another on that page that interests me and that may lead me somewhere else and so on. 
Information is as addicting as any substance I know of. It makes you smarter and more critical of what is going on. A friend once told me, always consider your sources. Find at least five of them on the same subject, then ask yourself "why do they want me to know the things they are saying?" After that use what you know, and decide for yourself what the truth of it all is. I am always open to hearing new ideas and alternative perspectives. We are all on the same planet, yet we see things so differently. I want to be aware about the why's. There are so many things that are kept out of our collective consciousness and I feel that by becoming more informed and educated about how things work in this world that at least I can make my life experience my own.
So it's Black Friday today, the news says. I just shake my head. I can't stand crowds and I am not celebrating any commercial holiday.  I see all those people that are so happy to be shopping and then look at the ones that are all intense and angry. Some have camped there for days like here! And then some refuse to allow tents. I've been hearing about the fights breaking out, and that somebody used pepper spray against people in the crowd injuring up to 20 people. It was over an XBox.
I have to admit that made me wonder what kind of crime they are going to charge her with, because that will be useful to the Occupiers out here that need to level charges against the OPD and now the UC Berkeley PD. 
In Occupy world... The local powers surrounding the movement lately have made a big deal about the health and safety of the public and the protesters. But when the Occupy Oakland group tried to have some Porto potties delivered this is what ensued. Thanksgiving Thugs.  For today, the group has planned some early holiday festivities to keep them out of the cold and mostly away from police. They are calling for a "Lack Friday." This move has inspired the "Tea Party" to sponsor their own "buy cot Black Friday"
 in an attempt to bolster the flailing banks all over the world. Somehow they actually think that giving money to large corporations will somehow bring jobs back to our communities. Not surprising these are the same people still promoting Santa Clause to young republicans.
Things are starting to heat up with several countries surrounding sanctions threatened against Iran on the suspicion of their having a nuclear facility. Russia is being made out to be the bad guy in this one and I suppose we will find out eventually if that's true. But it seems that this issue is a case of Fine! We don't wanna play with you either! The thing that really stands out to me is that this is almost 2012 and supposedly we've been supplying them with information that we weren't obligated to provide them with since at least 2007. Go bureaucracy! Not saying that Russia isn't frighteningly more and more involved on the wrong side of politics, Just that our tolerance of their actions might mean a serious disaster for significant parts of out planet. Our own citizens are at risk in this. 
The Drug War has claimed more victims. Wonder how many of the weapons being used to execute citizens are coming from the ever mysterious undercover op know as "Fast and Furious?" I know, I know, don't do drugs and then people won't kill you right? I wonder if you've ever taken a prescription med from your doctor that included some kind of pain medication? Or maybe an antidepressant? Guess the thing that gets to me is that in one way or another a very small group of people is having a big influence on our overall life expectancy. 
Something that brings out my survival girl side are stories like this one. Knowing that our water supply is something that has to be purchased is bad enough, but finding out that whole communities are running out, makes me think I need more barrels so I can be prepared for shortages longer than just three days. But then when I see stories where our government is using molehills to enforce cyber security? And I think, maybe I shouldn't limit the ways I use my common sense and where. 
In case you were wondering, if you find radiation in your yard, you should not contact G. E. about it, (They make most of it) they won't come take it back. 
In case you need holiday shopping ideas but are short on cash, here's a way to leverage other"resources" you might find lying around. I wish that more people would consider gifting time or skills and maybe resources. Those kinds of things would bolster our communities and our families in so many different ways. Consider what this world could be like if we did things like time banking. All in all we have many more resources and talents than we often give ourselves credit for. Maybe we'll figure it out. Till then, Be Well my Friends~

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