Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What happens when we outgrow our governments?

Growing up sucks in a lot of ways. The biggest one for me is the realization that the beliefs I held getting to this point are largely inaccurate. I thought that governments were meant to run countries. I thought that countries were the whole of businesses, military, national security, etc. More and more lately I see that governments are busy attacking their people. 
In this country the government is waging a class war and draining the economy of all usable currency. They are tracking our every move through digital markers. They are continually in-fighting and refusing to address the concerns of our public. They are waging a war of fear and bullying. If you don't like it or fight against them, they'll find a way to marginalize you or put you in jail, just like all the others.
In the country north of us the exact same thing. 
In the country south of us, they are letting their populace be killed, and point at drugs when they are confronted by the 100's of thousands who are standing in the family rooms in the neighborhoods those people are killed in.
I can think of the same human atrocities taking place in country after country, and it begs me to ask, "What happens when we outgrow our governments?"
How is it, that we can as a people, one race of humans, simply ignore what a very few people are doing to us? Why don't we make them stop? Why do we keep paying them? Harboring them? Fostering them? We are more than they, but they are beating us. Soundly. 
There has to be a better way, one that doesn't require violence, and death. These wars aren't ever aimed at the homes of the people who create them. 
The bombs and gunfire erupt in neighborhoods that people had moved into previously, had their children, built schools and businesses. It isn't other neighborhoods shooting at them either, it's government funded, professionally trained killers, shooting at families. How does the human race allow this?
 Is it a fight for survival? No, there are 7 billion of us, and no stopping point in sight. 
Is it a fight for rights? No, they are shooting into villages with families who live there.
It is simply about money. 
A made up piece of something that people allow to have a value. Something that if it didn't exist at all, would not impact our ability to live or create. It is because of our consent for it's importance that all the indignities and violations toward other, non-aggressive humans continues. 
Our governments are tied to our currency. All the currencies in the world are tied together. All governments are tied together. Whether they are trading, or warring, or sanctioning, all governments remain tied to each other in some manner. 
This puts us at an advantage. If we begin to view governments as only one government, and we figure that there are way more of us than there are of them, then the problem becomes much smaller. The perspective of it begins to change and the solutions begin to become apparent. 
I don't think as much separates us humans as a few people who have access to large audiences would have us believe. 
By being kept in separate areas, and not venturing forward to cross cultural and social boundaries, we rely on single perceptions based on the currency being exchanged. Nothing they speak has anything to do with the truth. 
Humans are pretty much biologically the same. There isn't a whole lot complicated about us, and there isn't a lot of mystery. The same molecular processes take place in all of us, rendering a limited amount of responses.
 If we begin to recognize those things in each other then we can't help but begin to recognize our own ability to empathize. 
Which leads us back to the people that are supposed to be our leaders. If we possess the ability to recognize the needs of ourselves and others, then what excuses the people that are only in government because of us, the right to refuse to recognize our needs?
 How do they represent anything other than their own interests based on currency? Currency doesn't represent us. It doesn't define us. We are a capable, very large number of humans all living on the same planet, with no where else to go, and we are being held at bay by a figment of our belief system. 
It's time to grow up, be the adults, and correct the imbalance in the government/currency system, develop real solutions together, and stop looking to people who don't represent us.

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