Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Empty Nesting

My children have gone for their vacations and I miss them very much. I keep getting messages asking how much I am enjoying the quiet. Not at all truthfully. They shared laughter and life in this house, something I am craving in their absence. I am proud of the ways that they have grown and matured this year, I watched them change dramatically. I worked hard to encourage them forward even against their own strong stubborn wills. I believe parenting is an active role, that requires consistency and a sense of humor. Anger is useless, things never get better while people are angry. My kids impress me. They are insightful and often wise. They challenge me and let me know where I am not paying attention. I am lucky because I have a fabulous partner who is right by my side to help in whatever way he can. He claims he doesn't know anything about parenting, but he has the most important thing I can think of, he remembers what he felt like as a kid. Most parents throw away that information along the way. I couldn't because I was only a kid when I became a parent, and no matter how much that pushed me into grownup territory, it still didn't make me an adult any sooner. Maybe even later. At any rate, I've been able to grow up with my kids and I feel thankful and blessed for that. So I miss them like crazy, and it's too quiet here.

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