Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So now what?

It seems that things are melting down pretty steadily and I often find myself simply shaking my head and wondering if the ride gets more exciting, or just annoyingly dizzy? I went grocery shopping and stocked up on a few things. I have recommitted to storing some of the fruits and vegetables by dehydrating them. I have one 50 gallon drum full with pure water. I don't know for sure that our economy is collapsing, but if I saw an EKG with as much volatility as the stock market is showing, I'd start pullin shit out for a code and give the ER a heads up. I will agree that I have to question the motives of a rating agency anyway, just because of their existence and potential power, combined with a small staff and the current investigation going on in their Italian office, but I also know, that when people start seeing their only means of income going down the virtual drain, many of them tend to try to protect what's left. I heard the media guy say that this looks like 2008 all over again, well to us little folks too big guy. I watched my 200 dollars hemorrhage down to 84.00. I don't want to watch that all over again, and being told that I could have rebalanced my stocks afterward made me glad I didn't really know where these vile gameplayers meet to play virtual games with my once real money! I do not think this is a time to get into metals either, that won't feed or shelter you if you are broke like me. Planting a few extra things in some dirt will give you far more value for the money. Stay Alert campers, stuff's just gettin interesting!

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