Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to My Kitchen

Hi! I'm the PotTart. This blog is a personal endeavor to encourage myself to write more frequently and of the things I think about. I have alot to say about many different things and very often I rant about a thing or two.
I am not impervious to criticism, but I don't mind reasonable points of view, and love to have a good hearty argument here and there.
I was raised in a large blended family that practiced the Mormon religion. When I became an adult I overcame that addiction in order to pursue a few other ones, sometimes more than one at a time. My current  practices include medicinal cannabis advocacy, active parenthood, and following my heart. I follow politics and I vote. I pay attention to the financial markets and have recently filed bankruptcy. I spent the last decade and a half working in emergency medicine as a medic and am now working as a consultant for a home hospice agency. I have an incredible amount of passion for life and the human race and I spend hours devouring news stories from everywhere the internet can reach. I am a student again, working toward a degree in biotechnology, and plan to keep going toward a focus in psychiatry and neuroscience. There is so much world and life out there and our lives are not long enough to let us experience it all, but I for one, want to get in as much of it as humanly possible, because that's all I am, human.

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